Charlevoix Township

Parks & Recreation


Todd Klinger

Office: 231-497-8369

Cell: 231-459-8875


About the Township

Charlevoix Township and the surrounding area boasts a wide variety of recreational facilities within its borders as well as in the adjoining City of Charlevoix and in surrounding townships.

Over 1/3 of the land acreage in Charlevoix Township is dedicated to publicly managed and maintained facilities where recreation is available. Additional areas natural areas include woodlands, wetlands.

Golf courses, local parks, public school grounds, and other public facilities comprise approximately 13% of the total land area in the township.  Another approximately 11%, over 417 acres is contained in Fisherman’s Island State Park on the southwestern shoreline of the township.

More photos can be found at “About Area/Area Photos”

Township Facility Map

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