Charlevoix Township

Township Plans

Master Plan

December 2005 – Master Plan

Parks & Recreation Plan


Charlevoix Township has a wide variety of recreational facilities for various uses contained within its borders, nearby in the city of Charlevoix, and in surrounding townships and locations.

Over 1/3 of the land acreage in Charlevoix Township (including city parcels) is dedicated to publicly managed and maintained facilities where recreation occurs or is available on a regular basis. This does not include natural woodlands, wetlands or other “wild” areas.

Golf courses, local parks, public school grounds, and other public facilities comprise approximately 13% of the total land area in the township.

Another approximately 11%, over 417 acres is contained in Fisherman’s Island State Park on the southwestern shoreline of the township.

Mt. McSauba Preserve & North Point Nature Preserve

Nature Trails

Little Traverse Wheelway

Bike & Hike along Waller Road to Little Traverse Wheelway

Shanahan Field

Shanahan Field which includes soccer fields, a baseball field, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas and a pavilion. 16.9 acres total.

Sand Beach

Sand beach access at the end of Mt. McSauba Rd